Cal Poly - International Computer Engineering Experience
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The ICEX Program is a collaborative effort between California Polytechnic State University, Harvey Mudd College and the University of Malta. ICEX  is an  opportunity  for  students to apply  their  technical  knowledge  in  an international context  and  to  increase  global citizenship  across  campus.  The 2016-2018 program is a new project focused on Intelligent Shipwreck Mapping with AUVs with the Cal Poly component being focused on the visualization aspects of the mapping project.

Program Objectives: The goal of this program is to provide engineering students with an experience in which they will:

1) Gain experience working in a foreign country

2) Develop an understanding of how cultural differences can affect how work is conducted

3) Apply knowledge gained in engineering coursework to new technology and applications

4) Enhance skills necessary for intercultural teamwork and lifelong learning

5) Engage in an interdisciplinary project.

ATTENTION: There will be an information session held on *Tuesday*, October 24th 4:30-5:15pm in 14-232A **

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