CSC 369: Distributed Computing
Winter 2019

Instructor: Alexander Dekhtyar,, 14-210

Office Hours:
Who Where
Monday 9:10am - 10:00am Alex 14-210
Tuesday 1:10pm - 3:00pm Alex 14-210
Friday 9:30am - 10:00am Alex 14-210

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News and Notes

Old News and Notes

Course Materials

Syllabus Postscript PDF
Jupyter Server


Lab 1 Due: January 14 JSON Manipulation Postscript PDF Lab Data [January 9, 2019]
Lab 2 Due: January 16 MongoDB: first steps Postscript PDF Lab Data [January 14, 2019]
Lab 3 Due: January 28 MongoDB find() queries/aggregate pipelines Postscript PDF [January 23, 2019]
Lab 4 Due: February 4 MongoDB Aggregate Pipelines Postscript PDF [January 31, 2019]
Lab 5 Due: February 13 Simple Hadoop Programs Postscript PDF Lab Info [February 6, 2019]
Lab 6 Due: March 1 Intricate Hadoop Programs Postscript PDF Lab Info (coming up) [February 15, 2019]
Lab 7 Due: March 7 Simple Spark PDF [March 6, 2019]
Lab 8 Due: March 19 Real Spark Postscript PDF [March 8, 2019]

MongoDB Resources


January 14 Jan14-01.log
Python MongoDB API

PyMongo 3.7.2 Documentation HTML
Tutorial HTML
Authentication example HTML
Aggregation pipeline example HTML

Code and Queries

MongoDB Python API example example.out ( output)

Hadoop Resources

Hadoop Resources and code is posted here.

Hadoop Cluster Monitor

Monitor hadoop jobs here


The Original MapReduce paper PDF
org.apache.hadoop Version 2.7 javadocs API
org.apache.hadoop Version 2.7 Jar file hadoop-core-1.2.1.jar
Bash local variable settings bashrc-commands.txt Paste into the bottom of your .bashrc file
MapReduce (Hadoop v. 2.7) tutorial HTML


Code samples discussed in class are posted here

Hadoop program template
Our first Hadoop program
Data file for data
Input Format Tests
TextInputFormat test
KeyValueTextInputFormat test
FixedRecordInputFormat test
NLineInputFormat test
NLineInputFormat test
One-mapper/One-reducer version of
Multiple chained MapReduce jobs words (input file)
Multiple Input Files/Multiple Mappers, (input files)
Use of JSON
Using JSON objects,simple.json (input files)
Multiline JSON test.json (input file)
Multiline JSON Input Format json-mapreduce-1.0.jar
Advanced Hadoop Features
Finding Max numbers.txt
Map-Side Join with Distributed Cache, (input files)
Combiner Test: graph scan with no Combiner
Combiner Test: graph scan with Combiner

Spark Resources

Spark resources and Spark code discussed in class will go here


The Original Spark paper (USENIX Cloud Computing'2010) PDF
Resilient Distributed Datasets (USENIX NSDI'2012) PDF
PySpark Documentation HTML
Wienqiang Feng: Learning Apache Spark with Python PDF
Running PySpark Applications on Googledoc


In-class Example (March 1 lecture)
Use of Hadoop Files


Lecture Notes

Lecture 1 What's in this class? Postscript PDF [January 4, 2016]
Lecture 2 Motivating Examples Postscript PDF [January 4, 2016]
Lecture 3-1 JSON Postscript PDF [January 10, 2017]
Lecture 3-2 Maps, Dictionaries, Key-Value Pairs Postscript PDF [January 12, 2016]
Lecture 4 MongoDB Basics Postscript PDF [January 18, 2016]
Lecture 5 MongoDB Java Connectivity Postscript PDF [January 28, 2016]
Lecture 6 MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Postscript PDF [January 27, 2017]
Lecture 7 MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline: Part 2 Postscript PDF [Feb 3, 2017]
Lecture 8 Overview of Distributed Systems Postscript PDF [February 4, 2017]
Lecture 9 MapReduce Postscript PDF [January 28, 2016]
Lecture 10 Hadoop on our cluster Postscript PDF [February 4, 2019]
Lecture 11 HDFS commands primer Postscript PDF [February 13, 2017]
Lecture 12 Hadoop Input Data Formats Postscript PDF [February 21, 2017]
Lecture 14 Matrix Multiplication in MapReduce Postscript PDF [March 5, 2017]
Lecture 15 MapReduce for Top K Problem Postscript PDF [March 10, 2017]
Lecture 16 Resilient Distributed Datasts Postscript PDF [February 28, 2019]

Other Materials


JSON home
JSON specification ECMA-404: The JSON Data Interchange Format (PDF)
org.json Javadocs Javadoc

January 7, 2019, dekhtyar at