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I work with various elementary and high schools in the Santa Barbara area promoting computer science and programming. This page includes some links used for those activities.

I have started work on helping animate California K-12 computer science standards to help teachers and students understand some of these concepts. Intro CA K-12 standards.

Slides from recent presentation at CCFest LA

Creative Coding Fest LA sessons

2018 EngageCSEdu Engagement Excellence Awards winning lab

SBHS Processing General Info
SBHS Processing Day 2
SBHS Processing Assignment 1
Student results from SBHS Assignment 1
Notes from Day 4
SBHS Processing Assignment 2
Student results from SBHS Assignment 2

AP Java class network link exercise:
Day 2

Another SBHS visit 2014:
Visit fall 2014

Computational Art work with secondary:
Computational Art work with secondary school

Work with 5th grade:
Peabody Charter School 5th grade (2018-9)
Peabody Charter School 5th grade (2014-15)

Work with 6th grade:
Peabody Charter School 6th grade Links

Work with 4th grade:
PCS 4th grade

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