Enchant.js Guide

by Patrick Casao, Cal Poly

Welcome to the enchant.js extended guide. The purpose of this guide is to expand upon the topics described in my previous tutorial, as well as discuss other topics that I hadn't covered before. To make the most of this guide, I recommend you go through the tutorial first. In this guide, we will expand on some of the features of enchant.js and use a model of a simple game to demonstrate them.

We will cover Sprites, Animation, Player Input, Labels, Collisions, Scenes, Game Logic, Sounds, and a few of the Plugins.

Table of Contents
01 Resources and Setup
02 Sprites
03 Animation
04 Player Input
05 Labels
06 Collision Detection
07 Scenes
08 Game Logic
09 Sound
10 Sidescroller Example
11 Plugins
12 Plugin: 3D Graphics Library
13 Plugin: Timeline
14 Plugin: Mixing Class Inheritance