CSC/CPE 471 2015W | Section 3
CPE 471 Section 3
Instructor: Zoë Wood
(Projects with the same number of votes are ordered randomly.)
coaster sim

Thomas Steinke

18 votes
ASL hand animation

Connor Batch

14 votes
slumber (game)

Elliot Fiske

14 votes
Runners Up
stalky bunny

Trevor Hendron

10 votes
music visualizer

Christopher Wu

6 votes
tunnel vision

Eric Dazet

4 votes
Honorable Mentions
beat block barrage

Max Linsenbard

little drummer boy

Ian Washburne

music video/bloom shader

Nicole Brower

lion dance animation

Vincent Chan


Aaron Koeppel

escape game (dog v skulls)

Daniel Toy

space invaders

Brian Yu

shooting gallery

Eric Yun

submarine collection game

Jonathan Amireh

parallel rasterizer

Zachary Arend

future cityscape

Edgard Arroliga

socceer player

Mathieu Bisson

cube runner

Tobias Bleisch

animated monster

Kayla Carr

dog collects spheres

Adam Currie

ray tracer

Jonathan Doughty

HM poser

David Ellison

Baja simulator

Ryan Flatland

crossy road 3d

Devon Govett

ray tracer

Austin Haines

farm and barn scene

Lana Hodzic

tunnel run game

Daniel Lee

tank game

Arnav Murulidhar

webgl terrain

Kishan Patel

nueron maps

Mallika Potter

robot mouse simulator

Nathik Salam

"Cal Poly ""P"" terrain"

Michael Sevilla

ray tracer

Keenan Swafford

master hand v zwei

Bhaven Toprani