CSC/CPE 471 2016F | Section 1
CPE 471 Section 1
Instructor: Zoë Wood
(Projects with the same number of votes are ordered randomly.)
Real-Time Fluid Dynamics

Jon Catanio

9 votes
Artificial Neural Network Simulation

Michael Williams

8 votes
Nightly Forest Scene with Fire

Alex Ehm

6 votes
Slytherin Snake Game

Tristen Miller

6 votes
Runners Up
robot platformer

Justin Thomas

5 votes
scene with campfire and particle system

Max Zinkus

5 votes
Honorable Mentions
jet plane game (height map)

Gregory Baghdikian

bird harassment

Duane Irvin

balloon fps

Stefan Bonilla


Adam Levasseur

deserted statue

Andy Tan

double slit

Kian Akhavain

reflection and refraction

Fernando Diaz Paiz

juicy break out

Steven Johnson

mass spring flag

Marina Moore

buny racer

Zach Rose

panda in maze

Amy Tsai


Cole Twitchell

world editor

Andrew Adriance

hierarchical model

Gabriel Arteaga

simple world building

Jeremy Billote

asteroid and ship

Adair Camacho

ray tracer with reflection

Maggie Duffy

shadow map bunny

Nick Gonella

pop up book

Manasa Kulkarni

candy, dogs, etc.

Amy Lewis

procedural city

Mark McKinney


Blake Motl

cat and dog island

Chelsea Navarro

collection game on sphere

Santi Pierini

dance robot

Jacob Russ

car shooter game

Michael Rutledge

snowball hunt

Cory Slaught


David Williams