CSC/CPE 471 2015W | Section 1
CPE 471 Section 1
Instructor: Zoë Wood
(Projects with the same number of votes are ordered randomly.)
fluid music video

Peter Godkin

21 votes
deferred shader bunny temple

Michael Granneman

20 votes
deferred shading light game

Matheus de Sousa Faria

11 votes
Runners Up
caf´┐Ż reservation

Daniel Johnson

9 votes
shadow game

Ian Meeder

7 votes
music visualizer

Johnathan Baird

4 votes
world builder

Dylan Graves

4 votes
Honorable Mentions
barrel-roll game

Jacob Bustamante

ray tracer (go)

Andrew Dufrene

lego city world

Nick Katsantones

bunny shrine

Chris Williams


Corbin Gruber

ship shooter game

Kaveh Karimiyanha

first person chopper

Eric Thorndyke

peguin midas touch herding

Kimberly Arre

hover craft

Brandon Clark

ballon popping game

Christopher Clark

driving on the bunny

Cary Dobeck

bunny shooter

Mitchell Lane

fractal terrain

Anthony Annuzzi


Joel Anton

avatar (networked)

Gavin Baker

monster animations

Alanna Buss

robot to crown

Jirbert Dilanchian Gharghani

shark swimming

Megan Elrod

opengl 4.0

Daniel Girerd

zelda scene

Da-jung Huang

bunnies and wolves

Connor Krier

godzilla shooter

Kevin Le

IK arm animation

Michael Lenz

asteroid shooter

John Patterson

gravity toy

Paul Sullivan

cart game

Ka Leong Tong


Timothy Vo

sky simulation

Zachary Weisman