CSC/CPE 471 2017S | Section 1
CPE 471 Section 1
Instructor: Zoë Wood
(Projects with the same number of votes are ordered randomly.)
terrain editing

Martynas Budvytis

26 votes
3d go with effects

Ji Zhang

18 votes

Michael John Hilomen

10 votes
Runners Up
procedural terrain + asteroids

Robert Weber

9 votes

Rebecca McKinley

8 votes
music box w ballerina

Bonita Galvan

7 votes
contour map to terrain

Jon Kuzmich

6 votes
Honorable Mentions
dragon in high school

Logan Scheiner

BB8 animation

Logan Gardner

HM bear chases bunny model

Pai Hsuan Hsu

H.M. dog playing fetch

Kendall Gassner

procdural terrtain

Dennis Li

HM hand guitar notes

Brandon Newby

H.M. mario simple scene

Jonathan Abercrombie

physics partcles

Daniel Carlson

chemisty cell model program

Alec James

portals in the desert

Jared Speck

desert light

Ryan Blair

flappy submarine

Chris Carroux

smooth particle hydrodynamics

Tyler Clem

morro bay sunset

Aimee Davis

mesh fracturing

Arjun Gupta

collection cell shaded game

Brian Hicks

water from above

Siddhant Kahal

dragon shooter

Mitchell Keller

under water artist scene

Allison Lee

pirate ship that shoots cannon

Nicholas Plewtong

maze generation

Matthew Triau

inverse kinnematics

Kolton Yager

ship avoids obstables

Matthew Coats

stra wars flight sim

Matt Goodwin


Erin Greenlee

car with track - desert world

Eric Hill

running H.M. dog

Alexa Kuechle

forrest at night

Christopher Lee

riding dragon collection game

Rachel Lee

HM ballerina spins

Jeffrey Nunez

cake decorating

Tiffany Prather

dragon (rigged mesh)

Nick Sciacqua

saturn particle system

Jacky Tuking

H.M marching band robots

Jeevan Vase