CSC/CPE 471 2017W | Section 1
CPE 471 Section 1
Instructor: Zoë Wood
(Projects with the same number of votes are ordered randomly.)
game with echo location

Zachary Ragozzino

21 votes

Johnathan Nicholson

16 votes
ice skating penguin

Kalea Louie

14 votes
Runners Up
acquarium with bloom and cuastics

Hilary Schulz

8 votes
path tracing

Austin Quick

6 votes
procedural plants (l-systems)

Zoe Cagle

5 votes
Honorable Mentions
H.M. tango

Zachary Hatton

dream world with blur

Kirsten Mork

bird watching with binoculars

Justin Kehl

cat and mouse

Tori Baker

moon rise over moutains

Makenna Johnstone

audio visualizer

Jaafer Sheriff

stack blocks

Xianguang Yan

mobius and klein bottle

Yuan Wang


Timothy Wirtz

cave explorer

Casey Albert-Hall

room model

Kishore Baskar

hierarchical model walk

Christopher Beichler

western town

Alexander Bohlen

photon simulation

Kyle Brunnett

iron man ui

Shiva Empranthiri

hierarchial modeled bully fight

Jacob Garcia

simple HM robot looking out spaceship

Audrey Gerughty

depth of field user controlled

Emily Guerra

animated battle

Mey Helm


Matthew Hetrick

forrest with day night cycle

Annie Lor

mario cart - looking at objs

Patrick Luong

haunter collects candy

James Ly

island and skybox

Robert Mathews

lightening simulation

Cory Mayer

D&D dice

Cameron Taylor

horror toy

Jack Wang

basketball arcade game

Calin Washington